Monday, July 5, 2010

Reception Viewings: Rydges @ Swanston, Vibe Savoy and Photography: Suede Imagery

Darling and I took 2 days off again this time to go around viewing reception venues. We had decided that we wanted it to be in a hotel, or at least a place that provides accommodation since we'll both probably be drinking that night and so will all our bridemaids and groomsmen. And we certainly don't want to get caught for drink driving that night. :p And so I made a few enquiries and after selecting some of the hotels and we visited two of them today.

Venue name: Rydges on Swanston
Prices (2011): Sit down dinner - 4 hours $79 p/h or 5 hours $99 p/h.
Package includes: Canapés, 3-course meal, coffee and tea, chair and table covers and a 1-night accommodation in a spa suite for the couple.
Rydges Hotel on SwanstonView from the outside.Rydges Hotel on SwanstonThe restaurant area.
Rydges Hotel on SwanstonLamb & rosemary sauce.Rydges Hotel on SwanstonSeafood Paella.
The function room they recommended which can spread out for morre space.
Other side of the function room which is L-shaped.
The upper deck where the swimming pool is and where canapés will be served to guests on arrival. Couples can also hold their ceremony at the far top right where the waterfall is if they want to.

Venue name:
Vibe Savoy Melbourne
Prices (2011): Cocktail - from $42 p/h, Sit down dinner - from $65 p/h, 3-hour drinks from $38 p/h.
Package includes: Complimentary menu tasting, Canapés, 3-Course meal, floral arrangement for bridal table, scatter petals, table centre pieces and candles and 1-night accommodation.
Vibe Savoy Hotel from across the road.Smaller banquet room more for cocktails.
The upper landing area leading to the ballroom and function room - also where guests will be served Canapés. Bright lobby area with a touch of modern and futuristic feel. Also had a big banner advertising wedding packages.

The ballroom the Sales Rep. showed to us with beautiful Chandeliers hanging from above and large mirror doors from ceiling down. She was explaining that the doors at the far end can be opened for a slightly larger space.

We also had an appointment with another photography studio called Suede Imagery. Though we sort of already made a decision on LePortrait Studio, we thought there was no harm in just paying a visit to another studio just to gather more ideas and pricing. The photographer Tim Marcus had just returned from overseas and showed us his latest portfolio from Bali.

For some reason, darling and I both didn't feel comfortable with him and though his photos were somewhat artistic and beautiful, they didn't really capture our eyes. Then there was the pricing as well. Whatever quote he had was almost double the price(as compared to LePortrait) if we wanted to have an album made as well. And thus it was pretty much a strike-off from our list.

All in all, it was a pretty fruitful day and we were kinda edging towards Vibe Savoy as compared to Rydges @ Swanston for the reception. But those were only the first few reception places we had visited and so we weren't gonna make a choice so quickly yet. More still to come tomorrow.


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