Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reception Viewing: The Westin, Hotel Windsor, Stamford Plaza, Elizabethan Lodge and Gown Try-outs: The Red Carpet

We started our second off day with another list of hotels to visit. These hotels were mostly in the city, except one that was in the suburbs of Blackburn. In total, we visited 4 reception venues and 1 bridal shop! Talk about jam packing a day's itinerary! But it was a fruitful one afterall since it helped us with the decision-making and I've got a pair of wedding shoes. :)

Venue Name: The Westin Melbourne
Website: http://www.westin.com.au/melbourne/wedding-venues-receptions.html
Prices (2011): Sit-down dinner - 1 hour canapés from $30 pp + 5 hours main course from $80 pp + 4 hours drinks from $38 pp or a packaged deal of $185 pp.
Package includes: Canapés, 3-course meal, table centre pieces and chair covers and 1-night accommodation.
The entrance / car porch area to the Westin
Inside of the Westin - Lobby / lounge area
View of the Westin Room III facing Melbourne's Swanston Street
View of the Westin Room III looking from the side of Swanston Street

Venue Name: Hotel Windsor
Website: http://www.thehotelwindsor.com.au/index.php?&GMPM_PAGES_PAGE_ID=wedding_planning
Prices (2011): Sit-down dinner 5 hours from $135 pp. Min. spend $10k in Grand Ballroom.
Package includes: Canapés, 3-course meal, personalised menu cards, chair covers and sash, red carpet entry, tea, coffee and chocolates and 1-night accommodation.

Entrance to Hotel Windsor

Hotel Windsor - lobby / lounge area

Entrance to the Grand Ballroom

Inside of the Grand Ballroom

Beautiful dom glass with chandeliers

Another view of the Grand Ballroom

The Bourke Room (before the Sep renovations)

Another view of The Bourke Room (Before renovations)

Venue Name: Stamford Plaza Hotel
Website: http://www.stamford.com.au/spm/page.asp?e_page=406895
Prices (2011): Sit-down dinner 5 hours from $128 pp
Package includes: Canapés, 3-course meal, table centre pieces, chair covers and sash and 1-night accommodation.
Stanford Plaza Hotel from across the street
Lobby area and view of the very high elevator
The function room (view 1)
The function room (view 2)

Venue Name: Elizabethan Lodge
Website: http://www.elizabethanlodge.com.au/weddings.htm
Prices (2011): Sit down dinner 5 hours from $121 pp
Package includes: Canapés, 3-course meal, table centre pieces, table place cards, chair covers and sash, 1-night accommodation and use if the Chapel if needed.
Entrance to Grand Heritage Room. Min 100 or more guests
Inside of the Grand Heritage Room all nicely decorated for a wedding
Grand Heritage Room (View 2)
The Windsor Room (Smaller guest size)
Beautiful garden at the back of the Windsor room
There's also a bridge and waterfall in the back garden
The Windsor room - another view. Usually used for conference and meetings as well.

The Red Carpet bridal also coincidentally had a sale going on that day. We didn't plan to visit the shop unless we had time after viewing all the reception venues. But lucky for us the reception viewing at Elizabethan Lodge wasn't until later in the afternoon and so we had time to head to Ashburton for awhile to check out the sale.

Bridal shop name: The Red Carpet
Branch: Ashburon
Website: http://www.theredcarpet.com.au/g/7040/home.html

2-piece peacock like gown. It was pretty obvious why I didn't take a liking to it :p
bridal shoes from Red carpet
I did however score a bargain on wedding shoes. $85 down from around $139 I think

And that was it, the end to another long day of wedding preps. ;) Sucks having to go back to work again tomorrow but ah well, at least the week will be shorter.


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