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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Australia Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: Sat 19 Feb 2011

Silly blogger did a maintenance and all my writing was lost, I'll have to find the time to re-write the post again. Hopefully they restore my previous post soon. Otherwise enjoy the photos first. :p

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Cake thoughts and Limousine Transport

With the months going by quickly, I started browsing around for cake suppliers and emailed a few of them for quotes. Darling was actually quite pleased with the idea of a cake and cupcake combination. We figured it was something different from the usual and also much easier for guests to just pick up a cupcake and eat instead needing to cut and serve them.

Here are a couple of designs below which I found on google. Basically the top most tier will be a single layered cake and you can have up about 4-7 tiers below of cupcakes decorated in circles around the stand. We haven't finalised the theme and colours and I really hope to come to a decision soon as my bridesmaids have also been asking me about our wedding theme.

And so based on pricing and email communications, I have shortlisted about 4 cake suppliers:
1) Special Treats by Carolyn, Knoxfield
2) Three Sweeties, Oakleigh
3) Sweet by Nature, Heidelberg
4) Wild Holly Cakes, Brighton

Special Treats by Carolyn was recommended by Ammie whose colleague had a very lovely and delicious Tiffany styled birthday cake made by them. The first of our appointments is in early April and so I'll update about the cake later on.

Getting on to transport, initially we thought of using my uncle's Merc. But then I just realised that the bride and groom are not supposed to travel to the ceremony venue together. The groom needs to be standing at the alter waiting for the bride already when she arrives. And so we would now need to go in seperate cars.

Thus I thought we could get a limo so my bridesmaids and I and possibly even my parents can get to the church in style. ;) I only emailed one company so far as transport one thats later down the list. But I'm really loving the Chrysler 300C limo and 1300Limo gave us a quote of $1155 for around 5 hours.

Looking at a black coloured Chrysler 300c which can sit up to 10 passengers.
The interior of the Chrysler 300c, all pimped up with lights and leather seats.
Now that I found out the limo doesn't have to do a pick-up for darling at our place, that means we might not need the vehicle for the 5 hours at all and could possibly save some money. So we're keeping this company in mind and will contact others later on.
We're personally not a fan of the old vintage vehicles for some reason and so are not interested in looking into those at all. Till then fingers crossed that we can make a final decision on the wedding theme!