The Proposal

Darling proposed on my birthday: 23 March 2010. And because of that, every birthday now will hold an extra special meaning. :) We both took that day off to spend time together. In the afternoon, we had Japanese for lunch and then went to the "Build-A-Bear" Workshop in Chadstone where I made a bunny.

For dinner, he brought me to Rock Pool Bar & Grill at Crown for dinner and just as we finished up eating and were having a drink, he took out a ring from his pocket and in a sheepish and shy tone, asked, "Will you marry me?" Being a teaser, I looked at him, grinned and said, "Is that all? You didn't even go down on your knees!" And with a worried look on his face, he said that he had the usual gout attack (a kind of arthritis that occurs when uric acid builds up in the joints) and his knees were hurting. But I continued to be a pain and pushed the ring back and said, "Nope, I'm not saying yes until you get down on your knees!" :p

So he paid the bill and we took a walk outside, along the yarra river. The night lights of the city were just beautiful. After awhile, I told him that I was tired and wanted to go home as we still had work the next day. He then really panicked and said, "But you haven't said yes!" And I just smiled and walked towards the entrance. He caught up, and finally knelt down on one knee in front of me and pop the question again. I stared at him and smiled and still didn't say anything. And he said, "Will you please say yes, my knee is killing me!"

I looked around and people were walking by grinning and there were these group of students taking photos by the river and they glanced over. And I finally smiled and said, "Okay yes, yes I'll marry you!". :)

The Venue: Rock Pool Bar & Grill

The Surroundings: Outside Crown, along Yarra River

The Ring: Atlantis Diamond from Lee Hwa, Singapore

And so, that was how the story to our wedding and future marriage journey began... :) We hope that God will bless us to live in happiness and bliss with healthy children to come in the future!