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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music & Entertainment for the Reception

We just placed a deposit to book a DJ and music equipment for the reception! Tubbs(Darling) and I found them when we attended the Ultimate Bridal Event in May last year. Their sales reps are nice and friendly and they have good testimonials on their website too. We could have just gone with an iPod package - which is just music playing the whole ceremony, but of course we opted to have a DJ instead to liven up the atmosphere.

Tubbs and I weren't a fan of having a live band playing. If there were to be any live singing, it would most definitely have to come from me (the singing wannabe), my bridesmaids/groomsmen and guests. Afterall it's our special day and we don't really need some outsiders performing for us! Tubbs is a bit shy singing in front of an audience and would only do it in the lounge room with me on our gaming consoles. :p

Anyway, we went with their standed 5-hour wedding package. Details below:
Name: Pro Mobile DJs

Standard Wedding Package = $445 for up to 5 hours
* Professional, fun and experienced DJ for up to 5 hours
* Suitable for up to 150 people
* MASSIVE music collection covering all genres from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today
* 2x Powered 15 inch speakers on stands
* Dual CD player with mixer
* 2x Intelligent LED lights
* Microphone for speeches (on wire)
* Complete customer service 24/7

Oh and they also provide setup and rental of data projectors. I think it's about $100 for the whole event. We definitely need one because we plan to do a slide-show of our pre-wedding photos that night so guests can see while awaiting our arrival. I'll also be picking up my pre-shoot gown tomorrow from the seamstress! Can't wait! :D