Friday, February 25, 2011

Decorations for the Ceremony Venue and possibly the Reception Venue and Transportation

We just ticked off another item off the list by placing a deposit to book our wedding decorator. Getting my contact when I signed up at Australian Bridal Service (ABS) website, Nicole the Director herself emailed me and informed us that she was decorating the Scotch College Chapel for a wedding in April last year and invited us to drop by to have a look. That was when we took photos of the church and looked at the church interior for the first time.

Name: Your Knight Events and Delightful Occasions
Website: and

Nicole actually owns both companies and they sort of both deal with the same stuff so I'm not really sure why she chose to have two websites. But I think Your Knight Events deals in corporate stuff and travel whereas Delightful Occasions is more on wedding.

Anyway we chose them because we thought her prices for decorations were quite reasonable based on the decos she had done for the church that day and the testimonials on the websites. And I was also impressed with her professionalism; the fact that the Director herself, was dealing and communicating with us.

Here are some of my favourite picks from the website:
wedding decorationswedding decorations
wedding decorationswedding decorations

I was also really happy to know that Nicole is actually a florist by trade and does the flower arrangements herself and they do make flower bouquet decos for putting on top the car bonnets as well. Being something that was only common in the Asian cultures, I was really glad to hear that as I didn't want having only a plain boring white ribbon. I can't wait to make an appointment to drop by their Carrum Downs show room to look at their decorative displays as well as to discuss further the decoration needs for the ceremony.

We haven't really decided if the reception places needed other decorations as well because chair sash and table centre pieces are already provided. And so that might be something we'll consider later. These event companies also actually does flowers and cakes and so I'll get a quote from Nicole when I have more information on what type of flowers/colours/cake types I'd like to match our theme. And so the next thing on the list will be the cake!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The finally complete Melbourne Pre-Wedding photoshoot gown with accessories and shoes to match. :)

I collected my gown for our pre-wedding(engagement) photoshoot a couple of weeks ago. If you had previously read, this gown had gone through two different seamstress before it was finally perfected. It wasn't that the I was asking too much, the first seamstress (a wedding shop at that), just did a bad job.

Anyway I was glad to get it back after so long. I tried it on last Monday and showed it to mum on Skpye. She was happy to see her "work"(the maroon coloured sash with sequins and beads sewn) on it. Initially we thought we couldn't use it, but the seamstress (the 2nd one) had this brilliant idea of using buttons to secure parts of the sash onto the gown because it was covering a portion of the zip on the back.

The gown - finally with all alterations and designs completed.

Nine West Nuncio Heels Pumps - in Strawberry colour

Flower fascinator to clip on the right side of gown where the ribbon hangs down.
Crystal and pearl hair comb possibly for the side of the hair
Crystal and rhinestone hair pins for other parts of the hair.
Stretchable rhinestone fashion ring for the other hand. ;)

I got on to buying my shoes and accessories to match thereafter. All of those were bought online at much cheaper prices, yet not off setting the quality. The accessories were all from eBay while the shoes were from this fabulous shoe shop in New York - that sells and ships to Australia at great prices!

And so we have finally scheduled our Melbourne photo shoot for next Saturday! There will be sort of "an entourage" of 4 others including the photographers coming along. We're looking at places like the Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Park, Docklands, Tennis Courts(of course) and anywhere else if more recommendations come along then. Really looking forward to it! :)

P.S: Friends out there who know about "Tubby's shoe incident", can you imagine his face when he saw my shoes!? LOL.