Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bridal & Couture Sample Sale - Bay View Eden

I received an invitation to the Bridal Couture and Sample Sale this year at the Bayview Eden Hotel. I can't remember how they got my contact details but anyway Ammie and Daisy were nice enough to accompany me there. I pre-registered for us since it was $5 for those who did and $10 who paid at the door.

The event ran from 11am - 4pm. And there even had something called the "Hour of Power" where if you were willing to pay $50 extra, you can bring a friend in an hour earlier to view all the dresses, shoes and accessories before anyone else. I didn't bother about that and we just went at the normal time. :p Here are some snaps:

Entrance - promoting the website with stacks of free bridal mags as door gifts.Ammie and Daisy browsing at dresses and checking out if there were any nice ones. :p
Assistant from Brides of Melbourne booth helping my put on a "tutu" like gown. I was laughing because I thought it looked funny.Mannequins line up around the booths. Ammie especially like the one on the right with this small pocket-like puffs on the gown.

The event probably occupied only a couple of function rooms and wasn't that big and so we sort of finish browsing in an hour or so. But some of the retailers did have some pretty items at reasonable prices. I almost bought a pair of shoes - but they didn't look too good after putting them on.

We were almost at the end when I chanced upon this gown at the Bride's of Melbourne booth - same one I tried the "Tutu" like gown. I tried it on and even though it was way too long - it just felt wonderful as this was the first gown that fitted quite well.

I was hesitating and pondering about whether to get it or not at $500, but Daisy and Ammie were both saying that it looks gorgeous. I wasn't sure about the prices for alteration as well. But the gown was indeed unique with sort of a slant at the skirt area where the top joins to the bottom.

In the end, I wasn't sure if it was because the lady offered it to me for $400 or it was because I had tried and browse too many gowns already and was itching to make a quick decision and get one, I bought it anyway. After that I started having ideas on how mum can sew more beads and sequins or somehow personalize it and make it more unique. That is, after I get the damn length altered first!


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