Thursday, July 1, 2010

Photographer / Videographer.: LePortrait Studio

We had an appointment with LePortrait Studio today. We found them or should I say, they found us when we signed up at the Australian Bridal Service website. A couple of weeks ago, they sent an email to all members with a really attractive photography and videography package.

Name: LePortrait Studio
Address: 7/34 Macfarlan St. South Yarra

After checking out their website, we decided to make an appointment with them. The studio is family owned and from Spain origins . They have been in the business for more than 20 years. Hernan and his wife Marie were the warmest people and made us feel really comforable. We also fell in love with their amazing photos.

Here's some of those that caught our eyes:Though they were the first studio we've been to, it just felt really right and we signed the contract with them there and then. After all, the price was right, their photos captured our hearts and most importantly we felt comfortable with them and they shared a vision to communicate with us to find out what we want.

(Updated Sep 2010) - I later read on the forums about other Brides singing their praises and referring them to other family and friends as well - and that certainly set our hearts and mind at ease. :)


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