Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gown Try-outs: Spurling Bridal SALE (with Ammie and Daisy)

Spurling and Ferrari (Bridal and Formal wear) are actually affiliated franchises. I found when we were handed a flyer at the bridal expo, advertising their end of financial year sale from 30 May to 6 June. They advertised that gowns started from $29 - but most of those on sale were all large sizes or designs that weren't too nice or flattering.

Having not had girlfriends come along with me for gown browsing previously, I decided to drag Ammie and Daisy along back to Spurling Bridal (Nepean Highway) to check out the sale this time. ;) I didn't get anything but we did have fun trying together and snapping some pics.

Fairy-tale princess like turquoise coloured gown for about $400. Too big for me (Size 14) and didn't really suit!Simple white gown with no train with some embroidery and beads on the chest area. About $350.Another white gown which looked nice when I wasn't wearing it. :p Made me look stunted. Definite no-no!

Here are more pics of us cam-whoring in the dressing room. Lucky for us, the lady in the shop left us to browse and didn't really bother about us. I managed to con Ammie and Daisy into trying a white gown each as we found a size 6 (which fitted Ammie well). Usually you'll not find such a small size in the shops here.

The hot red piece was a also a size 6 or a really small cut size 8 (couldn't quite remember) and Daisy and I couldn't zip it up at the back. It was actually quite nice for an evening dress but a pity that they only had Size 14 and above left. It came in other colours of dark purple, pink and navy blue, yet there just wasn't one in a suitable size!


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