Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gown Try-outs: Spurling Bridal (Glen Waverley) and Raffaele Ciuca (Brunswick)

Since the Spurling and Ferrari Bridal Sale went for a week, I decided to quickly make a dash to the Spurling Bridal, Glen Waverley branch on Monday to see if they had anything worth looking at during lunch time. It was such a rush but I did managed to try on about 3-4 gowns that were on sale.

The shop assistant here was also friendly and much nicer. They also had more variety, in my size. I still didn't get into an impulsive buy. I did however found one which I kept in mind for the actual day. But it's not posted up here just in case I do decide to get it, I don't want to show it until the actual day itself. ;)

White strapless gown with small flower embroidery on top right and flowing organza covering from waist down. Price: $400
Simple white halter-neck gown with embroidery around neck, small diamonte in centre and front split. Price: $350
I almost bought this gown for the pre-shoot actually. If it wasn't that it was a little too tight at the stomach area! It's white with sort of a blue-ish feel to it with its blue embroidery.
Back view of the gown on the left. It actually fitted quite nicely at a size 8 - just crimps a bit at the stomach area arggh! I love the overlapping puffs at the train. Price: $500.

Shop name: Raffaele Ciuca
Branch: Brunswick

This bridal and formal wear shop was also having a mid-year 1-day sale. I was initially hesistant and lazy to go because one, it was on a Sunday and two, the shop was all the way in Brunswick.

But the thought of not checking out a sale changed my mind and nice Ammie came along with me again this time. We saw this asian girl there who was getting married in a month's time and was there to buy a gown there and then.

And guess what, she took the only two gowns that I really liked - in my size, and I didn't even get to try one of them cause she bought it! The shop assistant recommended others but I didn't like them and prices here were really more upmarket! Even on sale they were more that $1000!

Ivory coloured gown with ruffle designs on chest and some shiny embroidery around. Made of quality silk material and yet another size too big for me.
Back view of gown on left. It was too big and they used this big pegs to clip the back so you can see how it looks like fitted. Price: Can't quite remember, think it was over $1800.

Photo taking at this shop were a "no-no". And so I only managed to get Ammie to snap a couple of pics when the girl wasn't around. They really catered more for brides who want expensive couture gowns! I don't think I'll ever check them out again! :s


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