Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Deposit for Chapel, Reception Viewing: Leonda by the Yarra and Gown Try-outs: Eternal Weddings

Today was the second day of our leave and we made an appointment with the wedding coordinator at Scotch College so that we can place a deposit for the chapel. This time she took us for another visit to view the chapel and turned on the lights so that we can see more clearly how beautiful the interior was.

We were informed that Leonda by the Yarra, a reception place nearby the school offered a 10% discount for wedding receptions held there and so we made an appointment to have a look at a potential venue place as well.

Function Place: Leonda by the Yarra
Website: http://www.leondabytheyarra.com.au/
Prices (2011): $120 p/h (Cocktail package) or $130 p/h (Sit-down dinner)

They offered us their Garden room which catered for up to 130 guests in a sit-down dinner or more if it's a cocktail party. They also require a minimum of 70 guests for that room.

Later on the way back, we headed to Eternal Weddings, another bridal shop along Koornang Rd as they were closed yesterday (Mondays).

Shop Name: Eternal Weddings
Suburb: Carnegie
Website: http://www.eternalweddings.com.au/home/

Beautiful gowns and little flower girl dresses on display at the shop's window.This gown had lots of embroidery on the top half and is quite body hugging down to the hips.
Back of the gown shown on top right. It was draw-string instead of zipper on the back. Price was a whopping $2300. No doubt I tried it just for fun!This gown was more princess-like (style) and the owner told me that usually the younger (teenage) brides go for this type. This was on sale at $1200.


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