Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finalised Invitations and Wishing Well

We were really happy to get the invitations in the mail a few days ago. Nicole from Delightful Occasions is really great! I only just gave the approval for the words and wishing well text a couple of weeks ago and she got on with the job to get them done really quickly!

Thankfully there were lots of invitation card examples that we could get ideas from online and we just picked and merged a few here and there. Not to forget, the future mother-in-law contributed her fair share of the text where is says 'to grace and witness the exchange of marriage vows of their children...' :D
The invitation cards came nicely bundled up in plastic and a red ribbon.
Invitation card on the left and the wishing well card on the right
Since the FH and I have been already staying together for a few years,we've already got all the household stuff and kitchen items needed and so we decided to go with the western way of asking for monetary donations by creating a wishing well from, an online gift registry.

The website is really good, it allows your yo create a wishlist of items that people can contribute to; for example your honeymoon, car, house or anything else that you want. You can also upload personalise photos and the amount of the item.
We're hoping that guests who are not comfortable giving money on the day will use this website. They can also leave us messages and well-wishes which we will be able to keep always. In the Chinese culture, a wedding gift almost always consist of money given in a red packet and so we decided to add a red packet in each invitation pack too, so that guests can use them should they prefer that option.


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