Friday, July 29, 2011

Actual day wedding gown and evening gown shoe dilemmas

Mum has informed me that my tailor made wedding gown is finally ready. I'm actually a little impatient to wait for her to bring it when she comes in early October and so decided that she will post it to me first. The box will probably be really big as she will send it together with the 3-hoop petticoat, which even when folded is pretty bulky and not to mention how much space and weight the actual gown itself with the, embellishment, beads and long train will be!

Here's a sneak peak of my wedding gown. Now I had previously put a $200 deposit for a wedding gown at Nifi Bridal in Oakleigh, but I made sure to tell them NOT to order the gown first in case I changed my mind. And true enough I did! So luckily I managed to go back and exchange the deposit, added on extra $85 for 2 sets of bridal veil. One will be a 2-tier short one with a tear-drop crystal at the end and the other will be a long one to match the length of my train.

Now that the gown was sorted, I couldn't help but somehow have second thoughts about my shoes. Initially I was adamant that my wedding gown was definitely going to be white in colour but after trying on countless gowns, I realised ivory was the way to go.

Since my gown and veils were all ivory, I started to wonder if I needed ivory shoes as well because the impulse buy I did last year in Nov was a white one. I found this online shoe shoe in New York with reasonable prices and they ship free to Australia - ShopNewYork. Here are some of my picks:
Romance Alfani High Heels
Milan Rampage High Heels
Ginnie Nina High Heel Sandals
Nina Annora High Heel Sandals
I browsed for silver heels as well because I needed a pair to match my dark blue evening gown with silver embroidery. I emailed these shoes to mum to have a look to get her opinion. She mentioned that my shoes were gonna be hidden under the gown most of the time and it didn't really matter if they were white, they would still match anyway.

Mum made a fair and logical point and suggested that maybe I should just wear the white one I bought last year and not waste it. Well I guess I'll have to ponder about that and stick with the one I have if I just can't find another suitable one. Though I really do need to get a pair of silver heel sandals. ;)


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