Thursday, October 21, 2010

The one year countdown to our Wedding!

Today is exactly 1 year (or 12 months or 365 days) to our wedding! And the countdown begins!

Our wedding blog launch today is to commemorate this special countdown. This blog took months of preparation and up till now, I still have not finished all the posts! There are still a few posts in draft mode which I need to get my hands round to finishing them up soon! Posts all updated now! Very happy! :)

But meantime, please enjoy having a read of all the completed posts so far. Start from the very first post at the bottom - the unofficial day start day of our plans on Sat, 3 Apr: Little John Memorial Chapel: A Sneak Peak. Keep going up by clicking on the post titles from the Blog Archive on the right.

Also check out the pages: About this blog, The Proposal and Wedding Details. I'll add photo albums as well soon on the wedding gown try-outs, reception venues, cakes, cars, expos etc. just for the visual people who can't be bother reading! :p Thank you for visiting our blog!


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