Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little John Memorial Chapel: A Sneak Peak

Today was kinda the first day to the start of our wedding preps. It is the Easter Break long weekend and we went to IKEA to do some shopping. And since we were nearby, I asked darling to drop by Scotch College, his high school. He wants to have our ceremony held at the chapel.

Use of the school chapel for weddings was exclusive only to old boys and daughters of old boys, and so that adds an extra special touch for us. :) As it was school holidays and the chapel is usually locked and not opened to the public, we could only take a look at it from the outside.

Entrance to the Senior School (High School); They also have a Junior School (Primary) just next door and residences nearby for boarders.The Memorial Hall with the "burning bush". Around it are metal plaques of students' names whose parents have made a donation.
We found darling's name plaque still there from years ago amongst the others. It was lucky as some of them have been dugged out - probably from wear and tear or naughty kids.
And here we are - Little John Memorial Chapel, one of the most distinctive buildings of the college. The building was completed in 1937 and has been there ever since.


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