Friday, June 3, 2011

Ceremony decos, Flowers and Invitations

We finally made an appointment to drop by the events company last week. As mentioned before, we have engaged the services of Your Knight Events / Delightful Occasions. They are two different companies but owned by the same owner, Nicole who has more than 10 years experience in the events planning and organisation industry

They recently moved to their new warehouse in Carrum Downs and welcomed us to pop by and have a look. Also it was much easier to discuss wedding decorations and other plans face to face rather than through email or on the phone. It took us about 40 minutes to get there and they had quite a few different wedding set-ups for couples to view.

Flowers and floral arrangements
They also do wedding cakes
Beach theme set-up
Formal red/black theme set-up
Simple pink / black theme set-up
Tree topiaries which are used as decos
Our wedding invite design - red paper
And a flower-like pattern page overlay
Darling and I were really happy in what we managed to sort out in the short one hour plus we were there. We decided on the following items:
  1. Decorations for the ceremony
  2. Flower bouquet for myself and the bridesmaids, corsages for the mums, button holes for the groomsmen and flower head garlands for the two flower girls
  3. Invitation Card designs
  4. Wishing Well Rental
All of the above for just over $1000. For us, that was real good value and certainly a tick on our budget. I realised a couple of days later that I forgot to add on the flowers for car deco as well and that just added an extra $50+ on. We opted not to go with them for the cake as we've already made a decision on Three Sweeties and we figured it was better to some things spread out between different suppliers.

Nicole was really helpful and friendly though, she offered quite a bit of help and advice. And so that was a few more items ticked off the list. For now, the next hardest part will be to get the guest list sorted out and compiled. She said she'll bug us in a few weeks time as invitations should be sent out only about 2 months to the wedding anyway. So yeah, that's it for the decisions for now! :p


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