Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bridesmaids meet-up, sorting their dresses and our wedding bands

Meeting up with my bridesmaids on the Easter trip back to Malaysia and Singapore was one of my main priorities and I was so glad I managed to catch up with all of them - even though not all of them at once. ;) Luckily there is emails and sms to communicate with one another when I'm back here and then there's the private facebook group which we use to discuss stuff as well. Here are the special ladies for my big day:

The arrangement was that I will provide their dress; just a small token for their effort of flying all the way over to Melbourne for me. We all came to an agreement on the dresses before I went back; that we will settle with 1 colour choice and 4 different dress designs. The colour chosen was sort of orange/red colour, quite similar to the colours of the first two dresses. And here are dress designs that they have chosen:

Aunty Margaret, a friend of mum's had a very good tailor who made really nice dresses and so she recommended her to me. The tailor's prices were also quite reasonable and she will organise everything including getting the material for me. There will be 3 satin dresses and 1 chiffon one. On the last photo with the 2 models, Denise chose the one on the right with the flower at the neck and that's the chiffon one.

Darling and I also managed to tick off a few more items off the list by getting our wedding bands, ring pillow and guest book all in one go.

Darling got a Lee Hwa Jewellery Member card when he bought the engagement ring about a year ago. And the member card entitles the user a 10% off any jewellery purchased from the store. What was better, was that they had a sale going on that time and there was a further 20% on top of that. And so we got 30% our wedding bands!

Darling chose something simple, just a plain band with a border on each side, while I went for a single row of diamonds on the top half of the ring (also with a border on each side) to compliment my engagement ring, which was a solitaire.

We also knew we wanted white gold as we are both not a fan of yellow gold and so agreeing on that was easy. The shop also gave us a complimentary ring pillow and guest book. They were white and looked elegant which we can and will use anyway, and so that was two less items we had to get ourselves.

I think white colour goes with almost every theme and so I think a combination of our orange/red colour should go okay with either white or black. Well we are honestly not too fussed about it anyway, simple and elegant is the key thing we want for our wedding. ;)


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