Thursday, April 7, 2011

Checking out a couple of Wedding Cake Suppliers

We had two appointments last Saturday with cake suppliers for some tasting and discussion on our wedding cupcake / cake. We are of course, considering prices, flavours, taste, delivery and set-up charges and anything else they provide. The first appointment was in Oakleigh, just in the surrounding suburbs. Their building was a little hard to find, but lucky they said that they will be moving to a proper shop in Glenhuntly in a few weeks time.

Cake Supplier: Three Sweeties
Prices: Cupcakes start from $3.50 each and top tier cakes start from $75. Cake toppers of a Couple with simple designs start from $100.

They hire out cupcake stands at a $30 rental fee and set-up and delivery fee was $75 to our reception place. The lady suggested that we could get some cupcake boxes so that if guests couldn't eat them on that night, they could bring them home.

The next appoinment was in Knox. They were recommended by Ammie, whose colleague had her very pretty and tasty birthday cake made by them. I don't deny their cakes tasted good as Darling went on trying one after another, though I don't think we would go with them.

Cake Supplier: Special Treats By Carolyn
Prices: Cupcakes start from $4.00 each and top tier cakes start from $110. Cake toppers of a Couple with some extra small flowers start from $190.

The cupcake stand hire was $50 here and they require a $200 refundable bond. Set up and delivery was slightly cheaper here, $50 to our reception place. But somehow the prices of everything else was certainly more pricey as compared to the first shop. The cake toppers at that, were almost doubled the price here! And no I wasn't too happy about the $200 bond for the stand hire too.

Plue we didn't really feel too comfortable with the lady that chatted to us. She was nice but rather pushy and sort of wanted us to put a deposit there and then. We don't want to make a decision yet as there's still time for us to look around a little bit more. But I'm glad we had these two appointments as we learnt some things; that the cupcake/cake can actually be packaged and given away and was better served as a dessert after the main meals.

We plan to make an appointment with a couple more cake shops when we return from our Singapore/Malaysia trip after Easter. But at least we have decided on having a cupcake/cake, and the theme is still rather debatable. :p


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