Monday, December 27, 2010

Booking our Reception Venue: Brighton Savoy, what's left on the list and receptions back home in SG/MY.

I'm so happy that the blog posts are all finally up to date. But most importantly the other happier thing is that we finally placed a deposit on the reception venue a couple of weeks ago on Tues 14 Dec. That's another tick off the list and one less thing to worry about. Since hearing that 2011 was a favourite year for couples to get married (I mean, come on Prince William and Kate at that!), having the most important things on top of the list sorted out certainly placed our hearts a little more at ease.

As you might recall, we went to inspect the Brighton Savoy a few months ago in July. They have been really good in holding the date for us for 5 months and only requesting a deposit to be made after another couple expressed interest as well. Throughout that period, they have constantly kept in touch with us to find out if we were still interested in holding our reception there. And so that's a good indication of customer service. :) The other venues that we visited made no contact at all, except for a couple who checked back a day or two after the visit and simply forgotten us after that.

Ticks on lists so far:Next on the list:
Ceremony Venue
Reception Venue
Photographer & Videographer
Flowers and Cake
Bridemaid's Dresses
Actual day gown
Hair and makeup Artist

Not forgetting to mention that I have asked my uncle and auntie if I can leave from their very beautiful bungalow on our wedding day and they have happily said yes. And as you can guess coussy Kayla (their daughter) is extremely elated too. We'll most probably borrow my uncle's Merc for the bridal car and save on the hire car. I would really like to decorate it as well, hoping we can find a shop here that does it.

For the moment, we're still in holiday mood for the rest of the plans. We're having discussion about the reception lunch/dinners back in Singapore and Malaysia for year end with our parents though. Apparently as in the chinese lunar calendar, this year (the year of the Rabbit) is a popular for weddings back home as well because couples want to conceive and have a "Dragon" baby in the following year. LOL. So we have to be pretty fast in booking the venues for Dec 2011 and Jan 2012 too.

Till then Happy New Years 2011 everyone and may this year be a good one for everyone too!


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